You have come to my personal computing homepage; mainly it contains my various computing-related articles, hints, principles, and rules.
Especially interesting are my numerous discoveries and "tinkering with my PC to the extreme" type of experiences.

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- Updated: 19.02.2008
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This list of pages below points to the respective pages at 50webs site-variant (i.e. for instance instead to "intro.html" that link points to "intro.html" etc.) from the site's update on 25.1.2007 onwards. Also note that after 20 seconds you'll be redirected to the "index.html" on 50webs free-host. And further as another update: on the website's update on 10.2.2008 I deleted all the content from all the pages on this website to prevent excessive duplicate content. However, later on I have rather decided to leave the following three pages intact: "intro.html", "pool.html", and "about.html" (i.e. they still contain the original content as it was) since these were special in a way, meaning that they were somehow specific for this particular variant and different from the ones on other free-host.

the "root-main" sectionthe "sub-other" section

If you want to, you can go first to the "pool.html" page to help me decide which colour to use for hovering (note that I don't use a special colour for hovering anymore, but I am leaving this link anyway for "legacy" purposes), and then browse on to the first/initial "intro.html" page (i.e. the flashing one) already linked above. These two links also still point to pages hosted/located on Voljatel server.

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From the site's update on 25.1.2007 onwards, this particular site might not be updated anymore; I needed to remove the advertisements because of the limitations of one of my advertisers. However, chances are that it will be anyway (i.e. updated), since it hosts all the images, scripts, various other such "external" and "support" files (that are also linked to from the other website-variants), and additionally is the only one that supports "remote linking" (also called "hot linking") so you can imagine that it's quite crucial to me to still maintain it. Anyway, the current variant with the fresh(est) content is now: tadej-ivan.50webs.com which also has the most advanced search engine built-in, and contextual ads implemented. And as mentioned now it is the only one which contains all the latest content.

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