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Urdu translation needs much more than just a translator.He must also have the experience in  computer science, terminology, DTP, web designing & localizing.


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Mechanical Engineering,  Energy,
Waste Management,
Regional Development,
Economics, Management, Marketing, Legal documents, Medicine

in technical translation of:
Service Manuals; User Guides;
Scientific & -Engineering Data Sheets; Technical standards; Material Specifications; Technical Reports; Patents;

in  field of economics and mangement :
Financial and banking documents;
RFPs and proposals;
Company literature, brochures and marketing material. 

translation of Legal documents:
Contracts,  Judicial proceedings, orders, Conventions, Legal Manual 

translation of medical documents:
Articles, d
isease description,  product instruction.
Pacient Assesment Questionairs,

English, Slovene, Urdu

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Russian, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Polish

Page making, Website designing

Word 98/95, 2000, Excel,  PowerPoint, CorelDraw 10, Paintshop, imagining,
Urdu word processors: (InPage-U and ParsNigar), Hindi utility (IWrite32), Urdu PageComposer, MS FrontPage, Framemaker, PageMaker,  Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat 5

Electronic Eng<>Slo and Eng > Urdu dictionaries, and o
ver 25 technical dictionaries and extensive personal  glossaries 

Trados Workbench 

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The method of converting Urdu document into Acrobat PDF file depends upon the software used to write Urdu. 

1. "ParsNegar" files:

If the Urdu file is written in ParsNager, then the method is simple.

  • Save the ParsNegar file as “Rich Text Format” file and open it in MS Word. Then convert it in PDF file using the same method as any other MS Word file, i.e. by clicking the "convert to Acrobat PDF" button.

  • OR: Print the file using "Print to file" option. Then in "Window Explorer" change the type of file with extension *.ps. Double click the *.ps file and it will open in Acrobat reader. Save it as pdf file.

2. "InPage" files:

If the Urdu is written in InPage, there are several methods, which may or may not give a satisfactory result, depending upon the fonts being used.

  1. Use print to file option using a Post Script Printer.
    In Window Explorer change file type to *.ps
    Double click the *.ps file in Windows Explorer.
    It will open in Acrobat reader.
    Save it as *.pdf file

  2. Print using Acrobat Distiller as printer and "print to file" option.
    In Windows Explorer double click the file. It will start
    converting it to *.pdf and will write a report of fonts being  ambadded.
    Open the file in Adobe Acrobat.

  3. The above two methods may fail to embed all type of fonts. It is particularly true, if Urdu is written in Nastaliq fonts. Nastaliq fonts are in-built ligatures comprising some 86 font-files of all sorts of letter combinations. The PDF file obtained by using one of the above methods, should be carefully checked to see if all words are correctly written and if all fonts are properly embedded. Some time a few words are found “deformed” and some time strange (non-Urdu) characters appear in the PDF file. In such cases another approach is to be taken. For this method, one needs to have in addition to Adobe Acrobat also Adobe Illustrator 9 or 10. The process goes like this:

Export Urdu page from InPage as EPS file. 
Double click the file in Window Explorer and it will open in Illustrator 9 (or 10 whatever you have). 
Then you can save it as Illustrator file or pdf file. 
The files thus formed are very heavy; each page may take even more than one MB.

Files obtained by this method give very high quality of print. The only problem is the huge size of the file, which is not practical to be transfered through email. 



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