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for English to Urdu translation, localization, proofreading, formating, Web-page designing and DTP problems.

Complete Urdu Solution
Urdu translation needs much more than just a translator. He must also have the experience in  computer science, terminology, DTP, web designing & localizing

Specialist in Urdu translation with complete solutions for software compatibility, fonts, Windows compatibility, Urdu web page designing and DTP




contact: kabir65@gmail.com

Mechanical Engineering,  Energy,
Waste Management,
Regional Development,
Economics, Management, Marketing, Legal documents, Medicine

in technical translation of:
Service Manuals; User Guides;
Scientific & -Engineering Data Sheets; Technical standards; Material Specifications; Technical Reports; Patents;

in  field of economics and mangement :
Financial and banking documents;
RFPs and proposals;
Company literature, brochures and marketing material. 

translation of Legal documents:
Contracts,  Judicial proceedings, orders, Conventions, Legal Manual 

translation of medical documents:
Articles, d
isease description,  product instruction. 
Pacient Assesment Questionairs,


Welcome to Urdu Solution Website. 

This site is intended to contain information regarding Urdu language and solutions to the problems associated with Urdu translation, Urdu page setting, creating Urdu documents with the use of Urdu software and making them compatible for computers not having the same software to read them. Here the issues regarding Urdu DTP, WebPages, fonts, etc. will be discussed.

Urdu translation service

Delivering a translation from English to Urdu is not the same as a translation in some other European language, written from left to right. The basic fact that Urdu is written in opposite direction i.e. from right to left in a non-Latin alphabet imposes some problems in handling a document in Urdu. 

One stop comprehensive solution

Urdu translation needs much more than just a translator. It needs some one, who must also have the experience in computer science, terminology, DTP, web designing & localizing.

As a Freelance translator I understand the importance of providing a total, one stop comprehensive solution for my customers. Documentation planning, design, and development are key elements to good translations.  

Information pages

Many “buyers” or “users” of Urdu translations, be they translation agencies or end users, are unaware of the complexity of the job. To get a useable, qualitative product, it is necessary to know what all it might involve. On the basis of the long years of experience with different customers and agencies, I have gathered all those issues, which were raised and which I had to explain again and again to individual customer or translation agent. Of course, I have given here much more than just what I usually write (wrote) to them in response to their questions. 

Urdu e-zine

This site will be regularly updated with new contents and useful information. New pages will be regularly introduced. Preparation of an e-zine in Urdu is under way, which wil be soon available on Internet and will also be distributed through email to the interested parties on request. It will be rich with selected Urdu prose and poetry from classical and current Urdu literature as well as original contributions. 

Urdu learning

Another page, underconstruction, is for Urdu learning and will be launched soon. An Urdu Course book in PDF format is also under preparation. The course will be divided into two parts. One of them will be for learning Urdu script and easy excersises for developing reading skill, the other will be focused to develope  understanding  and speaking of the language.

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